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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi-Rez week 10

School's project is getting tighter and tighter, I've even dreamed about doing homework =___=;

I've finally making friend with 3D max, even though my fingers still tend to use left mouse+alt to move or rotate object. ;p the impact bomb's concept has done,  and the rough model is done during the week. Today, I learned how to UV in max, and I have to say, compare to maya, max's UV mapping system is SO MUCH EASIER and smarter; e.g. max can automatically move and line up a whole UV piece while stitching up the edge, not like in Maya, you can to manually move the UV sets, and if you don't line up the UV well, the texture gets distorted.     , and even in the UV mapping, everything modify button can be set as hot key. When Sean's demonstrating, my eyes can't catch up with his speed @ v @" the hot key modification is really powerful!!! anyway, I think I liking max more and more while I'm learning it :)

Hi-Rez week 9

The last 2 project are actually combined into 1 big project: to design a impact bomb and model it out and hopefully have time to even UV and texture it.

Sean could be one of the busiest man in studio, he told me he does multi-tasks all the time, therefore I only have small among of time to "force" him to teach me things  > v <~

Today I've learned something new about max: the short key and interface customizing > v < with my the problem of learning new interface can be solved. and Sean demonstrated his super speed of modeling!
 I figured the hot key is very important! so before I keep on going, i have to set up a set of hot key that I feel comfortable 1st.

Hi-Rez week 8

New project!

After designing the two characters, I feel it's time to move on, and do something that challenging myself, There fore, I ask my supervisor Sean to assignment me some modeling job.

Modeling itself is not a challeging thing, but to do it with a software that's I have never touched before is.
3D max is to me a better modeling program compare to Maya, they have lots of same common features, however, the difference of their interface and the short key frustrate me = .. =b

Guess I'll spend some time to get used to that, and i'm sure once I do, 3D Max will become my new favorite modeling tool!

Hi-Rez week 7

Time really flies, there are only 3 weeks left, and we are still doing project 1+2 =_=...

In order to have time to finish the final 2 project, I have to speed up a little, and  finish up the 2 characters design this week.

After several revisions, the design has finally come to a point makes me and the others happy.
Hope that I would have chance to do the model and texture as well :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hi-Rez week 5

I have to go by myself on Thursday this week, because I have to go to a Taiwan opera school  with Lolo to film something, and Tuesday is the only day they are available for us to go.

Sean showed me his models for Tribes, they are awesome! I really want to get out of my comfort zoom and try something new, hopefully I get to do some modeling, zbrushing or texutring in the future.

After few weeks of interning in Hi-rez, I found something interesting : that ppl in Hi-Rez are being way too nice to us lol, especially our supervisors!XD take Sean as example, I think I've never gotten any negative feedback from him - 3 -...well, I really hope that's because I'm really doing a amazingly perfect job XD
but not because they are just too polite to correct us~ ; P Anyway, my biggest hope for this intern is to get familiar of the pipe line of game designing and get my design in a real game and make it popular!!! > .. <

Today's task: detail line drawing for male character. The only reference is the general from star craft. hmmmm~~~attractive old man~~XD  lol

Hi-Rez week 6

Seemed it's been a long time since last time we ride to intern together~~last week I have to go by myself, and the day before Leandro had to go by himself. feel better to drive with friends :)

Today Vermont came down to the "intern room" to check on us XD
he's really friendly, he told us to ask him if we have any questions or need any comment. After showing me how he sets up his hot key, we just start chatting Annick is cool, she can speak Spenish, French, plus English  lol.

Today's task coloring for two characters, been doing some test color for one character, now it's time for detail rendering!!

Hi-Rez week 4

Due to all the make-up classes, we have to move our intern day to Tuesday,
and Annick has class till 1:30 so we can only go at 2pm till 7:30  which is actually better, because any time before 7 is heavy traffic hour.

Today I decided to pay more attention to what everyone else is doing in the studio, because after meeting with Tony, I figure "to learn" should be as important as "to do" during internship, and the 1st person I should learn from is Vermont(errrrr, did I spell right?>.>) Vermont is the concept artist in Hi-rez, he's doing amazing job on designing Tribe's Universe's soldiers right now, what he does is took a rough block out of low poly model, and paint directly on top of it -口-....the finished work is really beautiful and just like a zbrushed high Poly model!!

Today's task is do a detail line painting for male character~~~
Turn out my design is a little bit over sexy for the game XD

need to tone it down a bit....lol

Hi-Rez week 3

Pizza day! Today we all got free lunch @ Hi-rez, everyone  is out of their cube (finally~) lol but still the three of us are way too shy to make a conversation with anyone else >////<

Other fun stuff besides the pizza is that I've started my 2nd project the "King" character, which should have sort of military general feeling to it....

Hi-Rez week2

Second week~officially start to work as a concept designer! The flu's finally getting better, but still hurts when I talk much or louder....T_T

Today, Sean gave me detailed information about the two characters I will be designing. Sounds to me it's the King and Queen characters from the two clans in Tribes Universe o.0" glad my 1st task is designing the main characters already!

After a while I show Sean the silhouettes I did for the "queen" character, and the feed back I got was "more sexy" XD i like that~~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi-Rez week 1

1st day intern in Hi-Rez Studio, pretty excited, it'd be better if I didn't catch that bad flu and have to cover up my mouth all day long =_=...

1st day was just a intro day, Sean is my "big boss" and he'll be the one review all my work.
I'll be doing concept art of characters and weapon, when they asked me what I like the most, I answered that I like texturing and lighting. It's true (for now) that I really like doing thing that's visually beautiful.Sean was a little surprise to hear that, and he said maybe in the near future I would have chance to do texture > v <

I must say it's much funner than I was thought it would be, everyone in the studio is very friendly, and they didn't really care about me as a "outsider" and started to discuss everyone's sneezing.....XD

Anyway, hope the flu thing would get better soon, so I can start working soon!